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About 501c Design


501c Design is good design for doing good. 

It’s the graphic design studio you need if your organization is a 501(c)3 or (c)4 because that’s who we design for. Period. 

You can also think of it as your own, customized design solution to:

  • Represent your org accurately through your brand identity, website, and marketing materials
  • Communicate your mission in many ways, and on every social media platform 
  • Raise funds through year-end appeals, direct mail, capital campaigns, and more
  • Show funders your impact with annual reports, and newsletters  
  • Stand out in the crowd, when you’re short on in-house bandwidth. 


501c Design is the result of Kerstin Vogdes Diehn’s 15+ years as a graphic designer working primarily on nonprofit projects. Kerstin knows and understands nonprofits’ particular needs: budgets, deadlines, multiple audiences, events, and many stakeholders (like your Board.) Kerstin speaks your language — and does it visually. Find out why Kerstin hearts 501(c)s.


501c Design knows that showing your organization’s story, impact, services, reach, or what-have-you, can be a knotty problem. That’s why we exist: we dive into the heart of your story, and come up with a design solution that leads to beautiful, clear, tangible results. 

We also know that nonprofits address complex issues that an off-the-shelf logo or report can’t convey. But we can. Through simple, powerful, mission-oriented design. 


Here’s how 501c Design works with nonprofits: collaboratively.

You’re out there doing good, with passion and brilliance. We’re good (okay, pretty amazing) at design. Together, we’re partners in shaping how the world understands your work. We can be your art director from a distance, full-service branding studio, the designer for bespoke projects, and more.

Exactly how can we help you? Check out our services for details.


501c Design works out of New Jersey, with clients everywhere.

Kerstin Diehn


Kerstin Vogdes Diehn

I’m a graphic designer who designs for good, i.e. for nonprofit 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations working to improve the world. Design influences the way people think and communicate, and my 15+ years of designing for nonprofits has proven to me that great design can and should be available to everyone.

I’ve designed for clients large and small, and everything in between. This includes international humanitarian organizations like UNICEF and grassroots advocacy groups, like SOMA Action, a local (c)4 seeking progressive change in New Jersey.

Designing for good has led me to my other passion: teaching others the power and influence of good design. I teach graphic design at Seton Hall University, and have taught at the Art Institute of New York, FIT, and Pace University. 

As a literature major at American University, I became interested in politics and language. With my M.S. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, I started to hone my artistic talents. Graphic design was the natural intersection of my skills and my interests. And my hope for a better world led me to designing for 501(c)s. 

Since I began designing for good I’ve moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Maplewood, NJ. I’ve gotten married, had two children, and cycled through more than a few cats. I bring a passion and energy to everything I do and hope I can apply it to what you do, too. Email me and let’s connect!

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Phone: 973-762-3623
Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Mon-Fri

39 Park Road, Maplewood, NJ 07040

(Yes, we’re in New Jersey, but right outside New York City)